drive shaft spline

Lee Neal

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I have a 2004 seadoo wake board edition and I believe my drive shaft is slipping inside the pto inside the engine. If that is the case, the pto should have a higher grade of metal(harder) and would not fail but if it was slipping thr driveshaft would be damaged first, correct?
I believe this due to when I looked under the seat, at the shaft, it appeared to slow when revving the engine.
any thoughts?
Its tough to verify. When revving the engine, i was watching the shaft between the carbon seal and where it goes into the engine and the shaft didnt speed up as I was hitting the gas and at the same time I could hear something kind of whining, like the splines slipping somewhere. I thought it may have been the impellor but when I watched the shaft, thats when I figured it might be slipping where the shaft it goes into the engine.
Sounds like it.
I did recently have the drive shaft out to installed a new drive shaft oil seal and carbon seal. Thats what started this ordeal, an oil leak along with the slippage. Nothing was slipping until the oil leak came. Again my concern is if the driveshaft is a softer metal that the female side where it goes into the crank. I dont there is a easy change for the female gear side. Obviously if the female gears are gone, big problems. Buying and installing a new driveshaft isnt too bad. At this point Im trying to determine if buying a new driveshaft is the answer or will i be wasting money and as you know they arent cheap.
When apart earlier and slipping what did the splines look like? Was their obvious wear to one part or the other?

Is it important for you have the parts in hand prior to disassembly? If not take apart and diagnose the severity of the problem and the value of repairing.
Many engines such as the 2005 215SC have a coupling which screws onto the end of the crank shaft with the internal spline in it. It is not easy to replace it but it can be replaced.
Thanks for both suggestions.
To answer your question, they splines didn't look too bad, I wish I had taken a pic of it, that's why I'm wondering if the issue is on the female side at the crank. I'm going to disassemble it again and inspect, but this time I'm taking pics
If I try to change the part on the crank side, I'm guessing the engine would need to be removed to get to it, correct? do you know the part # by chance.
When I had it apart, I did kind of feel inside the engine on the female gear at the crank and again, I didn't really notice anything crazy, splines felt ok.
I did notice something stange on reassembly, it seems the bellows boot wasnt really tight at all against the slip ring. if that was loose, would the shaft slip out enough to cause slipping when revving the engine? I did replace it with the OEM and all actuality, I couldnt tell the difference and I put the new one in anyway.
thanks for the info.
its probably the same one I found the other day. its like 797 pages but I'll definitely check it out.
My ski is the 4-tec wake board edition