RESTO DESS Post / Key 1997 challenger workaround NOT bypassing it.


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SO I have a 1997 challenger (787 single engine) and I can't figure out if the dess post or the key is bad. I was wondering if it would be possible to hardwire the DESS key to the wires going from the post. i.e. Solder leads to the contacts inside the key and connect them to the appropriate wires in the harness. of course I would also install a kill switch with lanyard somewhere in the circuit. I just need to diagnose at this point to decide if I am going to give up on this boat or not.
Yes, i have learned that on this form. What I'm trying to ask, probably not clearly, is whether i can use the key but solder leads to the contacts and splice those leads into the harness so that the mpem still gets the signal from the key but circumvents the post. I have 2 old keys and wanted to just build the key permanently into the circuit so that the mpem is always getting the DESS info and then wire in a generic safety / kill switch on the circuit. Not bypass DESS but bypass the post and make that info built in with basically a circuit interrupt using a generic lanyard safety switch. My reasoning is that rather than pay the outrageous prices they want around here at the 1 dealership in 100 miles that said they'll even try on this old butt boat to program a single key i was thinking to make sure i didn't have to ever worry about buying another key if it's hardwired in. Hope I'm explaining more clearly, but let me know and I'll take another whack at it. I'm a newb, but in learning a lot on this forum.
Where are you located? I program keys and do electrical diagnosis in Raleigh, NC 27615 USA.
The Dess key to post is not removable if running an MPEM.

What I did for my Challenger 1800 was to 3D print a holder that with a couple zip ties lock the key on the dess post. I added a separate tether to shut off the boat. It’s not a great picture but it’s what I found.