clogged exhaust line for hose


SEA DOO GTI SE 130, 2013 models
I think on the back of my exahust manifold the water outlet (its actually where the hose from the back of the machine goes up into the manifold for running garden hose cleaning) is clogged w sand (where I marked it). The machine runs fine, so i am assuming the bigger hose in the diagram I attached that comes from the pump and hooks in in the front of the exhaust manifold is not clogged since that would have been pressurized water flowing in the whole time from the pump. has anyone ever tried to gently shove a coat hanger wire in thru the rear gardne hose spot to see if that area is clogged? It's an elbow connection there on the back bottom where there are two water outlets/inlets. I am hoping sand settled there and heated in place. The cooling fluid for the engine is running fine.


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So if you attach a water hose to the inlet with the engine running and the ski out of the water does the water come out of the jet pump area?
on my second machine *( I have two both green same make model and year) yes, hook up gardne hose to that line that goes to tyhe lower inlet and it flows nicely w engine on.
There has been discussion as to why we don’t get cooling water eject out of the the hose intake fitting with the engine running when the ski is in the water. Using the coat hanger might disrupt whatever prevents that. Maybe try pulling the intake hose from the manifold to try and isolate the clog.