Carbon ring fitting question

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Hey Guys, sorry for noob question, I’m absolutely new to PWC, browsing and reading a lot, read all the threads related to carbon ring issues, still can’t be really sure how tight it’s supposed to be on the shaft, some people say there should be some free play, a guy on YouTube says he’s is quite tight, so I uploaded a video for anyone who might be able to help me with mine, just can’t understand is that okay fitting or it’s worn out already...
Just bought it, it’s still quite cold to ride it yet where I’m from, so I just gave it a try for a couple of minutes just to check it, there were a bit of water inside the hull though
Anyways here’s the link
A little play is normal. It doesn't take much pressure to make it seal. More importantly is that it is square and not off center. Yours looks fine.
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