Back firing.

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I have a 2002 Seadoo XP. Acts like it wants to start but won’t and then back fires. Has new plugs and stuff. Any ideas to point me in the right direction??
Needle and seat in carburetors leaking. Excessive fuel and crank case. See if spark plugs are wet
Ok they I used a test light and turned over the motor. Test light lights up when I put it on the plug wire but plugs don’t spark. Either of them. They are the right plugs and are brand new.
If it backfires I would suspect it’s doing something. Is the battery fully charged?
Yes. It acts like it wants to turn over. It only back fires when I push on throttle while trying to start it. not to familar with diagnostics on a carb ski hopefully someone else can chime is but im willing to bet you leaned out your previous motor causing it to run hot and destroy itself...IMO motors dont tend to fail on their own unless they have a few hundred hours or so. I would check your fuel delivery system with a shop manual.
Ok sorry. I was driving. It’s a carb motor. The engine rod bearing heated and locked up because previous owner converted to premix but didn’t leave a line on for bottom end. I replaced with new motor and can’t seem to get it running. Carbs are clean , I took them apart and zero dirt or anything.
Total fuel system rebuild. Genuine Mikuni parts for carburetors, new needles and seats. New fuel selector valve. New fuel strainer and or New square cut o ring
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