Are these the correct carbs

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Just got my new carbs in from OSD, but I notice an extra connection on carb see pictures. This connection is not on my old carbs. Will these work, what do I do with the circled connection.
The last picture is the original carbs

97 gtx 787

I can find no direct reference to those nozzles on your new carbs (for jet skis)....however, while looking through the Mikuni carb catalog I noticed similar nozzles on snowmobile carbs.....on SM carbs, those nozzles are referred to as "Power Jets".....the catalog goes on to say...."Power Jet kits are used in 2-stroke engine applications to improve mid-range throttle response and add additional fuel to WOT running conditions" it makes sense what MoDawg73 said...."accelerator pump nozzles"....IF YOU HAVE accelerator pumps....IF not, then seal them off with rubber caps.

And a little notice in your pictures.....the linkage bar for the dual throttle setup typically has the little tick marks on the main adjuster and the nut on the PTO side of the assembly....I noticed your old setup was correct but the new setup was reversed. Supposedly, the tick marks go on the PTO side so if you had to make in field adjustments on the link bar, you could actually see them easier if the ticks are on the PTO side.

PS...You are changing out all the old grey Tempo fuel lines too, I assume?
Found another reference and a picture (which I can't seem to grab) that matches your new carbs...."

Keep your favorite watercraft running for years to come with this Mikuni BN40I replacement carburetor. It makes it easy to upgrade or enhance the operation of your existing Seadoo. Once properly tuned, your vehicle runs at peak performance speed and maneuverability. This Sea Doo Carburetor is designed to replace the original equipment part, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal operation after it is installed. It fits select Sportster, Challenger, SP, GS, GTS and GTI / GTI LE models. This Sea Doo automotive replacement part allows you to continue enjoying your watercraft at its best for seasons to come ".
Those are the correct carbs and what is available now. What you are seeing is the accelerator pump nozzles.
You have 2 options.
1. Use the jetting and settings of your old carbs and cap off the little 1/8" brass accelerator fittings.
2. Connect and use the accelerator pump system and use the jetting and carb specs for the 1997-1999 seadoo SPX.
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