ADVICE NEEDED: Wrist Pin Needle in crank case 1999 GTX RFI

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Hello All,

I was helping a buddy rebuild the top end on his '99 GTX RFI (Rotax 787 Motor). One of his pistons blew apart and scoured the cylinder, so we ordered new cylinders, pistons, top end gaskets and seals, wrist pins, and wrist pin bearings.

I had seen that the replacement ones he ordered had needles inside a cage for the wrist pin bearing. However when removing the OEM it is free needles between the wrist pin and the piston head... No cage. I guess the new ones were aftermarket. Anyway when removing the OEM wrist pins needles fell everywhere. Including into the crank. We thought we had fished them all out with a magnet but apparently we didn't. If this was a four stroke engine I would just flush the engine with oil until it came out the oil pan drain, but it's a two stroke so no dice there.

Has anyone had experience with this? Right now I am thinking the best option is to pull the new cylinders out and go back in with a better magnet with a flex neck on it. But if anyone has a better method or experience with this before please let me know. I really don't want to pull the motor and split the crank case.

I was hoping there was some other way to access the crank case with a magnet that will be better than going around the piston rod.
Cylinders off, shop vac, use a piece of 1/4" vinyl tubing for an ice maker or something from home depot. Tape the end of the time from the shop vac to adapt to the little tube.
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