Access to Fuses/MPEM '95SPX

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Very basic problem for a newbie. I am trying to access the fuses/MPEM which I believe are in a white plastic box mounted on left side. I can't figure out how to get to the thing. Looks like I have to disconnect all the wiring coming out the rear, such as spark plugs, and then pull out the box from front compartment.
Seems very strange. Not even discussed in the Service manual and i can't find an Operators Manual.
Now have Operators Manual. It only says "to access fuse clips unclip and move away electrical box from its seat". Doesn't say anything about disconnecting wires to get to it. I'll have another go at it.
The box sits in a floor shoe. On motor side is a simple tab lock you pull back toward motor to unhook. Then lift that end and slide back alittle as the other end is under a
"J" hook under the box. Then you can jiggle and clip some zip-ties to get the box at least up above the magnito to open. There are two simple catch hooks on each side.
When re-installing, grease the rubber box seal alittle and make sure all four catch hooks are snapped. Note the flat plate on bottom of box nose as how it slips under the front floor shoe and is aligned, and push box motor end down and it will snap-lock into the shoe. Bills86e
Thank you confirmation it is supposed to come out to the rear. my problem was caused by the Positive battery cable hanging up the other wires because it was improperly routed. Once I tried again it came out Ok and to my surprise both 5A and 15A fuses are OK. Now to troubleshoot the VTS, fuel gauge, and hitemp buzzer not working.
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