99 xp limited engine miss

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Hello, I am new to the forum. I have a 99 xp limited I had gotten 3 months ago. I have only been out a few times and it ran great the first few times. One day I could not get over 30 mile hour and could feel it only firing on one cylinder. The front one, and could feel the rear cylinder hitting once and a while. Brought it in and replaced the plug. Took it out ran great once again after a few runs it cut out again. I have cut the wire a 1/4 inch. Looking at it today I swapped the wires and coil and still on the rear cylinder so I don't think I have a wire or coil problem. If i pull the wire away from the plug to jump the spark it seems to run better. Please help thanks.
Check the compression. If the PTO jug is low, it will be fouling the plug.

Where in PA are you?
97 thru 99 XPs have a bad problem of taking on water thru the air hoses located under the hood in the front hinge area,this is a bad problem that Seadoo ignored till the model 2000 in which they did not even put the holes there. Carrying around excess water in the bilge takes its toll
on the carbs and electricals. 99% of seadoo problems are fuel system related. Suggest you go thru your carbs annually. Regularly inspect the
rubber parts like rave hoses & bellows ect. Use dielectrical grease on all E-connections, fuses. Checking compression regularly helps keep track of your engines internal health. Hope this helps!

Not highjacking the thread I have my own I have the same prob and I want to try the wire clipping thing were and how do u clip the coil side or plug side?
Ok so i took the carbs off and cleaned and rebuilt them. Then i am putting it altogether to find the guy before me that had it put in the wrong plugs. He put in non resistor plugs. I tried it with the plugs he had put in and still missing on #2 cylinder. I ran up and had gotten the recommended plugs and it runs beautiful, until i sucked the rubber right off the wear ring. No luck with this ski.
To Kozerxp if you unscrew the boot from the plug wire it will come right off, dont just pull it off there is a screw inside that will break off. Same with the coil. I would try to just clip the plug side first.
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