97 Sportster Electrical switches replacement

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Hello everyone, first off, thanks for all the wealth of information that you have all complied on this site. It has helped me tremendously to familiarize myself with my first boat.

I am looking to replace the switch for the lights and the switch for the bilge pump.

The light switch only goes on if I jiggle the switch a bit, which leads me to think the solution might be to just replace the switch.

After some searching I found the site below to be selling a switch that looks to me like a good replacement. Just hoping to get confirmation that it is a suitable replacement for the light switch.


As for the bilge pump, It's not working. I did some searching on this forum and found that it could be a problem with the fuse, switch or the pump it self. Being a novice with this boat, I was hoping to try replacing the switch first along with the fuse.

Would the following work as a replacement?


Thanks in advance!
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