97 gtx bogs at full throttle max rpm 4400

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97 GTX.
cleared cylinders of 2 stroke oil,
replaced carbs with new carbs
changed fuel lines, and fuel selector, runs and revs fine on trailer
took it out for maiden voyage,
wont rev past 4400 rpm, bogs when putting full throttle
Checked voltage on trailer at battery on full rev, 13.8v ( ruled out rectifier)
Plugs seem clean however one doesn't look like it was fired at all
idles approx 1300-1500 in water
where to look?
Rave valves?
Make sure the rave valves are moving freely and the belliws are not leaking or damaged.

Do a spark check to make sure both are firing.
Got the same issue few weeks ago. I look for everything and finaly, strip the spark plug wire and change both plug that was looking perfect, and voila... hope it will help
It turned out to be a problem with the mechanic (me) when I put in the new carbs, they were a newer style and I did not cap.one of the nipples in the rear. Once I did that bamm she runs like a champ
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