96 Sea-Doo xp not getting spark

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Ok. To start off I have scoured all the forums and the manual to figure this out and I've tried all the tests. My XP has no spark.

Ran perfect last year and when I was getting it ready this year I put the ground to the coil on the positive battery terminal like an idiot. Cooked the wire and the coil for sure. Replaced those, replaced the CDI with an eBay one that I was assured came from a running ski.

Tested the MPEM, the new coil, the relay, the trigger wire, the stator, cleaned the pickup out and the bracket is good, fuses are all good, couple wires replaced in rear box, plug wires trimmed, new plugs, cleaned pins, reading voltage off of white wire at coil when turning ski over. All electronics work, beeps twice, turns over great, just no spark.

All multimeter readings are good except when reading the white wire to black on CDI, manual says it's supposed to be something like 2 mega ohms, but both of my CDIs read zero. Is that right? Did I end up with a dud from eBay?

I ordered a new MPEM to see if that's the problem but after that I have no other moves. Any ideas would be helpful.
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