951 runaway throttle

I have a 2000 seadoo GTX millennium edition..

Story goes, I was told by PO that all gray lines were replaced by dealership.. I found a few extra gray lines and instead of just looking up what they were (to find out that there vent lines) I just went right after them... ended up breaking off a nipple coming off the carb and had to buy a new piece.

Now to replace this piece you have to remove the little holder for the throttle cable, that cable then goes around a wheel type thing..

Before I did this the ski ran fine no problems, now everytime I start it, it immediately goes banging off the rev limiter... I'll include some pictures, I was suppose to be on the water last week, so any help is much appreciated

Thanks guys


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I recently just went through this. First off does the ski shut off when you hit the button or pull the lanyard. If so your throdlle cable might be to tight.
Classic too tight throttle cable syndrome. Check for slack in the cable, there should be a little slack.

Idk about that but I do know there is 2 holes in the circle thing it connects to. Why is that there? Which hole should it be on? I did tighten the throttle cable at the bracket where it attached because it was wiggling and loose a little but I didn't think that effected the actual throttle I just thought that adjusted how tight the actual cable was to the bracket.. how do I go about fixing this? Basically just loosen it back up again and see if that fixes it? Maybe it was suppose to be like that?

Thanks again for the quick help guys, I'm used to working on 787's so this 951 is a new beast to me


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The bracket should definitely be tight. You just need to adjust the cable. Make sure you hear the throttle butterflies snap close when you release the throttle. There should also be a couple millimeters of play in the throttle lever.
All set now looks like the PO had it so that the wire actually ran through both holes.... craziest thing I've ever seen but I'm all good now, thanks for the help though guys !!