95 seadoo gtx gas overflows into chassis

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I recently bought a 95 GTX. However, when i overfill the gas tank the overflow does not exit up and out of the gas intake pipe it instead overflows into the actual body of the seadoo. Sometimes 1 - 2 inches if i do not watch it carefully. Additonally, it will flood the carbs and spark plugs so that I am immediately 'flooded' and unable to start without draining the fuel from the chassis (a pain) and pulling and cleaning the plugs.

Is there an overflow valve or tube that I am missing or could be disconnected somewhere....fuel in the chassis is not fun.........
Why are you filling it that full? yes there are vent tubes and a gasket on the top of the tank, I never fill anything into the filler neck, I keep the gas in the tank.
I didn't expect to have to babysit the fueling of it. It does not overflow back enough to automatically shut off the pump as I would expect it to . So unless i pull the seat off and watch the gas tank fill (hard to do on the water) the design makes no sense to me...... why would the overflow be internal vs. external....not very safe. So I was hoping it was a bad vent, loose tube, etc...

I have a 96 Yamaha Waveventure which does not have this problem. It shuts off like a car would when the tank is full and if you accidentally overfill it (kids and wife are operators as well) it comes up the tube and out which is a reality of having to pump gas on a busy waterway ...
Do a search on "gas tank recall". I remember recently seeing some post regarding tanks that crack at the filler neck. Also, The vent tubes usually are held in a small through-hull somewhere, with nothing more than the friction of a rubber grommet. It could be that the grommet got old and cracked and the tub slipped back into your hull.

However, with all that said and considering the amount of fuel you say is entering the hull, I would suspect a major crack somewhere. Inspect your filler neck. A problem here could explain why the fuel nozzle is not shutting off when filling. If you find a crack here, call your local dealer and ask them to check for service bulletin regarding fuel tank for your model.
This may sound kind of obvious but, why don't you just find out where it's leaking and fix it?

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