95 720 Xp

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Hello all, I recently bought a 95 720 xp. Love the machine has been a lot of fun for me and the family, every time I hit the start button it fires right up ready to go. Problem is once it is hot it doesn’t want to fire it does short cranks and needs a lot of time to cool down before it finally fires and than its good to go again. I have not idea what’s causing this and was hoping somebody with more experience could point me in the right direction
To clarify, does it seem like the engine is not getting spark or is it seizing up? I am not sure what you mean by short cranks.
I bought a new starter it will be in sometime this week I’m hoping that’s the reason for the short cranks, the main issue in having is that it doesn’t want to run once it is hot, it needs a cool down period, I thought maybe it was flooding itself but it doesn’t smell like fuel I’m hoping rebuilding the carbs will fix my problem.
The engine is getting spark and it’s not seizing it just doesn’t want to crank longer than a few seconds I read on other forums that it’s usually caused by a bad starter
I had a motorcycle that had a bad CDI unit that after about 30 minutes you lost spark and had to wait till it cooled down but you are still getting spark so that isn't it. So the engine stops running when it is hot... How hard is it to turn the engine over by hand once it quits? You should be able to wiggle it between compression strokes at the PTO. Could something be seizing when it gets hot? I got my 99 GTX with a new starter because the previous owner misdiagnosed a bad crank bearing.
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