94 SPX engine ruined lack of oil

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Hi Gentlemen!

After numerous suggetions from nearly everyone that my consistant unwanted shutdowns were due to a lack of fuel, it turns out that it was due to a cracked oil line (the small plastic one coming from the oil pump to the engine) and now the block is ruined, burned up, swallowed a ring, or what ever. The overtemp was very effective, not allowing the engine to ever really get hot until a friend of mine ran it wide open until it seized. It will turn over, but I can hear someting rattling inside...not good. This model did NOT have a temperature warning horn....too bad. I would have looked for something else besides the fuel system.

So here are my questions to the experts out there:
1. Are short blocks available that are rebuilt to factory specs? If so, how much? Where do I look for them?
2. If not, approx. how much to rebuild the engine - parts? Labor?
3. Is the jet ski worth the time and money to rebuild? I had 15 years of flawless service from it.
4. Are service manuals available? I will do this myself if I can acquire the manuals.
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