94 speedster possible fuel delivery problem

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Took the “New” speedster for its first water test today and the starboard side motor ran perfectly but the port motor would die out at times and not really rev up easily, pulling the choke would help at times and other times it wouldn’t.

I took it home and pulled the carbs apart and checked everything. Previously I rebuilt everything with genuine mikuni kits and set everything to stock specs, everything checked out when I pulled it apart this time and was fine, pop off was at 20-21 psi which is the same for the starboard motor that was running perfect.

I put new water separator filters and O-rings on before I took it out. The boat has black fuel lines I’m not sure if that’s what it came with but there wasn’t any green goo. The only thing I’m suspecting it would be is the fuel selector? Those look like a pain to get to, probably gonna have to pull the throttle assembly.

One thing I noticed was the carbs were full of fuel when I pulled the diaphragms off so maybe it’s not starving for fuel? But I’m sure it can be intermittent.

Also, I noticed these fuel selectors don’t have a reserve and I can’t seem to find what fuel selector I can buy that doesn’t have a reserve.
Well I bypass the fuel selector and tested it today and the problem was still there. The carbs weren’t in the best condition so I will try swapping all of my genuine Mikuni parts into my spare carbs and seeing if that fixes the problem. one of my pilot jets are really chewed up, where can I get new pilot jets?
Nick or Jess at Westside Powersports Seadoo or at the upper right of this screen "Seadoo Warehouse".
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