787 Balance Shaft Alignment

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This is my last question before I put my engine back together and I have to thank everyone for all the previous help. Any ways I’m down to the cases and ready to install the crank and balance shaft but I don’t have any markings at all on the balance... I know there can be a variety from blue paint to a scratch and what ever else but mine has nothing. There is an indent on the crank 180 degrees from where the rod attaches but I need your input. I think you should be able to see the marks(and absences) but I set up the last picture based on some other pictures I had seen. Is it roughly correct? Thanks to all


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It's clear in the first pic, little faint in the second, but on the gear side those would be the 2 marks to align.
Okay thanks that’s all I needed I was looking for a little tick I didn’t think that was what the “hole?” Thing the balance shaft was for. Thanks
Yes they do seem to have gone "overboard" with the size of "that" one didn't they?
Also make sure your cases and crank are clean and spotless.
Do not use RTV silicone like in your pictures above either.
Another way to verify the balancer and crank are phased correctly is the counterweights should be centered with the case surface. They will be adjacent to each other then when you turn the crank 180 degrees they will be opposed from each other.
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