587 in 95xp hull?

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Tried searching this, didn’t quite find much other then that the motor should line up. Sorry if this is kinda a dumb idea, just kinda giving some thought.
Came into a 95xp hull. It’s in decent shape. I believe it’s an x4 hull. It does have the flatter transom, rear exhaust, integrated bow eye, and trim tabs bolted to the rear, but I’m not certain, I’ve heard conflicting information that all it needs is trim tabs to be an x4 but I’ve also read that if it didn’t have 787 mounts it’s not a true x4.
In any case, I have a running spi, but the xp hull if it is an x4, seems like it would be a better hull then the spi. The hull is empty, no motor, driveline, electronics, or pump. The only thing still in it is the steering cable, water box, and fuel and oil tanks. If I were to make the swap, I figure I would need a pump, drive shaft, and vts from a 95xp and then would use the electronics, harness, and motor from the spi. Is there anything else I’m missing? I’m sure financially it’s not very feasible, but would Trading out for an x4 hull be any kind of worth it?
Thanks all for any thoughts.
There’s really no benefit to go to all the trouble. Just enjoy your ski with the 580 as is.
Yea my spi is in pretty decent shape. And I’m not really one to try and make a Frankenski with the wrong size motor in the hull. Was just considering my options on what I could do with this hull. Thank you again for your response.
I'd start searching for a 95 xp with a shot hull send that motor off for a rebuild and swap everything else over.
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