2016 SeaDoo GTX 260 IS limited supercharged fuel economy discussion

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I do a lot of open ocean tours and just completed a trip from Sorrento to Refuge Cove Wilson's Prom return (460klm), seas were rough, average speed 45 kph, rpm 5k to 5.5k as in the air a lot due to conditions rpms continuously jumped up and down to 8k.
Ski was loaded with additional 80ltr fuel and approx 40kg of equipment, me at approx 110kg geared up an a pod system weighting around 55kgs, the pods do add extra buoyancy and stability for the iS model in these conditions.

Having the IS the ski capacity is only 227kg (i carry 285kg overall)
Fuel economy was 1.6klm per litre or approx. 110klm per tank. I have included a couple of pics to show setup and route

I tried to engage eco mode but tutorial says throttle must be fully in but speed is too high in open ocean rough seas

I would value any suggestions on how to achieve better fuel economy?


Maybe I am not reading what you are trying to say. Are you saying that the ECO mode needs to be engaged at full speed, "says throttle must be fully in but speed is too high in open ocean rough seas"
rough seas really eats at mpg; giving it tons of gas to climb a wave and you're overall distance traveled is not much. just try not to "jump" the waves as much.

typically i can easily do a 60 miles trip with no worries on a 16gal tank, but in rough water i'll get about 15 miles before i'm getting concerned at fuel levels. because of this effect, sometimes a better way to gauge fuel usage is per hour. You might get 3 hours of cruise time on a tank, but in different seas that might be traveling 40mph on flat or 15 mph while battling seas.

ditching weight would be your biggest thing.

Dry weight of ski is 1038lbs/471kg
Fuel is roughly 20gal with reserve, plus oil, 150lbs/68kg
You and your gear at 627lbs/285kg

so total ride weight of 1810lbs/824kg.. that's huge.

plus you're dragging those pods through the water. the extra "buoyancy" is almost negligible while underway. think of those pods more as being a jumbo jet with your flaps down.

the only suggestion i have is to move weight forward if you haven't already. they make fuel tanks/bags for the front compartment. moving 100lbs in fuel forward could help balance it out so you're not dragging that tail the whole way.
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