2014 rxt 260

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would anybody be worried that the machine as a new seat and new mates? They only want 7000 for the ski...originally 7500.....106 hours..... it's at a dealership and said they tested everything on it and it works perfect


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Wouldn't bother me. Lots of people don't like the stock mats and seat covers. Make sure you lake test it. Price seems reasonable.
Looks like prior owner just wanted a more custom look. I think some of the decals have also been removed.

The retail price range for that ski w/o trailer in my area is $7,470 - $8,450.

It will need a supercharger rebuild if it hasn't been done recently. Models prior to 2017 need rebuilds every 200 hours or 2 years, whichever comes first.
I have a 2012 RXT with the original seat that has a lot of black on it. That seat won’t get so hot in the sun.
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