2011 seadoo Gti 130 SE

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Rode my 2011 gti 130 se last Sunday with no problems. Today my jetski had a weird vibration and tops out between 35-40 mph. When I rode it long enough it would eventually fluctuate between 35-45mph with an occasional reach to its top speed at 54mph. When it gains speed it kinda sounds like the engine when jumping waves kind of like it’s sucking air. I took it to a shop and he did a diagnostic which had no codes but the IBR that was replaced last year. He checked the spark plugs which were bad so he replaced those. Did a compression check that came back 151,152,154. Took it for a test ride still runs with a vibration and tops out between 35-40mph (not sure about RPMs) I brung it back and he checked the fuel injectors. All good. What could be the problem??? He thinks maybe bad gas (which I just put in this ski and the other) or the computer is bad.

Ps. I was not using the learners key, I tried it in sport mode same issue, I personally looked into the intake under the ski and the wear ring looked good I guess but no significant gap between the ring and impeller.


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Sounds like a bad coil or two
Take the spark plugs out and do a comparison of color
When the ski is idling disconnect a spark plug coil connector one at a time and you see notice a change in sound if no change when disconnecting swop it to another position with engine off and do the same to confirm it’s the coil and not the wiring

next I would check fuel pressure and take a fuel sample from bottom of tank and check for water
I will try the coil method but on land everything seems to run fine. I notice it once in water. And I’m waiting for the gas to settle now to see if there’s anything in the tank
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