2011 RXT 260 fuel sensor defective


So I have another issue with this ski. It's showing fuel sensor defective. I replaced the sensor with an OEM sensor and nothing changed.
We also replaced the gauge cluster and had it married to the ECU at the dealer prior to this.
Certainly the new sensor doesn't need to be married as well.
I let the ski run for 10 minutes to see if would register fuel and clear the code. No go!
Any help would be appreciated!
Check the ohm reading at the ECU connector for the fuel level circuit but most likely you need a new ECU.
have a 2015 seadoo 260 rxt and its leaking oil or burning oil excessively in number 2 cylinder, took to shop and was told it needs new engine, priced at 4500 to 5500. Feels like the problem could just be in top end but wanted to know if someone else has ran in to this before