2008 Sea-Doo 230 Challenger SE 430 Supercharger failure!

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Sea-doo 230 Challenger SE 430
Hello all, I’m Jason. So I just purchased a “new to me” 2008 Sea-Doo 230 Challenger SE 430. Was told maintenance was kept up on and everything was good to go. Since it was from a used boat dealership I trusted them and they took me for a ride on the boat. Everything seemed good. Since it was my first Sea-Doo, I couldn’t compare it to any of the I/O boats that I’ve had in the past.
Purchased the boat and took it out the next week and stated noticing the RPMs were off so I took it back and had them check it out. Owner of the dealership said that there was cavitation due to the blades having some small damage to the leading edges of the props. They smoothed them out and said everything was better. Took it out the next weekend and it was still about the same.
Once I signed up for the Sea-Doo forums I seen that these issues are usually related to the SC. Took the intake hoses off and the lower RPM SC was a free spinner and the high RPM SC was tight.
Removed both SC and found that one was missing the CERAMIC washer and the other still had the CERAMIC washer! Yes I said that right a 2008 had the original ceramic washer. Luckily the bearings were tight and there was no other issues with the SC.
I have stripped down the front and rear oil pumps and found scarring on both pumps and most (hopefully)of the washer was in the screen areas. Looking at these pictures (SC’s are already sent off for rebuilding) do y’all think a full oil flush, new oil pumps and screens, and rebuilt SC’s will get me back running? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

IMG_2233.JPG IMG_2234.JPG IMG_2235.JPG IMG_2236.JPG


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I feel your pain. I just got a 2008 speedster 150 that was "well maintained" only to find the ceramic washers had gone. I just barely got done with the rebuild ( like 2 hours ago). Most people recommend to pull the crankcase, check bearings and replace the timing chain. This is a lot more work than just doing the pumps.

In the end I did pull my crankcase and checked my main bearings, they all looked pretty good, but I did end up replacing them. I also replaced the timing chain while I had it apart. I would recommend doing the same in addition to the oil pumps. It will give you peace of mind and you also might as well as your are basically right there already.


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There is a really good 3 or 4 part video on you tube (see link below) which shows what damage a S/C does to a motor when a washer or bearing goes through the motor.
I bought a 2015 260 jet ski with the motor in bits some off the bearings had deep gouges in them and one off the journals on the crank big end had a 1mm x 10mm gouge in it I could not re-use the crank because it was to deep to be machined out.
I don't no for sure if the S/C cause that damage but the S/C had been pulled apart as well so I just put 2 and 2 together and assume that's what happened
I bought at an auction so I could not ask the owner what happened to the motor
If it was me I would be checking the bearing and because I am in the middle of re-building a motor now and it is not cheap to do.
But this is my 1st jet ski so I am not that experience with these motors but I found that video really good

What about warranty if that happened I Australia they would be fixing it under warranty.

Hope things work out for you with out costing to much




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