2008 ECU Compatibility / Cross reference list?

I have a bad ECU in a 2008 GTI 155. Looking for a cross reference chart.

OEM P/N 420665783

In searching the microfiche ive found the same part numbers for any 155 from 2008 to 2010 (GTI GTX RXP 155)

Does anyone know if any other part number from any other Seadoo will work or is the three year range from 2008-2010 the only correct fitments?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The 2007 should work as well but nothing else since that was the first year without the mpem. 2011 completely different with throttle by wire and ibr.
I have a 2007 GTX 155 with ECU
p/n 420665781 Are you saying this could be compatible with the 2008 GTI 155 with ECU p/n 420665783?
Yes, it should work to at least make it run to test. If you just swap the ECU and don't marry the cluster, it should still run but will probably sound a long beep for communication error and your cluster information may look odd. If you marry the cluster, it should run fine but may have codes because the gti doesn't have some of the features that a gtx does. These can be turned off in BUDS so you should be able to get a perfectly working ski with that ECU.