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2006 seadoo sportster 215 alarm and red backlit battery light after 2 minutes running at 2000 rpm


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century 28 ft, chaparel 20,seadoo sportster 215
any help welcomed ! red battery back lit light comes on, at first dim but gets brighter over next 2 minutes at 2000 rpm ?

seems like an overheating issue ! flushed the antifreeze in the closed loop system and refilled new antifreeze !

back flushed with engine running at the stainless steel water jacked exhaust pipe inlet fitting !
back flushed the water exit hose(left side of snap fitting tee) ran engine !
ran engine with water comming from jet pump area into and through system exiting at top of water jacket inlet on top
of stainless steel arch water exited at rate similar to water faucet at half open

battery checks good at 12.7 volts dc rectifier is charging battery at 14 volts dc at 2000 rpm

why does the battery light come on and stay on ? temp light does not come !

one long alarm after 2 minutes running red battery light comes on stays on even when battery system reads 14 volts !

any help is appreciated !

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