2006 Seadoo RXP

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Ive always had the shop maintenance it. It was running great. I haven't taken it out since son was born 6 years ago. I was starting it and running it every 2 weeks with water hose. Then battery went died. I didn't do anything with it but let it sit. Knowing it was the worse thing I could of done. After 4 years of it sitting I decided to get battery and take it out. I bought aftermarket battery put it in. Drained the old gas out and got some high octane and put it in. Nothing. Checked all fuses they were good. Made sure I was getting power to solenoid and was. But no been comes when I put key in and nothing works on gauges. Any tips would be highly appreciated. Trying to save some money due to this virus going around. Didn't want to takw it to shop. Please help
Are you sure the battery is actually good and hooked up correctly?
I have seen bad brand new batteries more than once.
Tested with Volt meter. But don't have a tester to put a load test on it. I have 12v going to the starter sylinder. You might be right. But shouldn't the gauges at least come on.
Do you have any suggestions of what I should do next. I pulled all the fuses the look good. Should I test the ground going to engine block? Maybe test the wires that go up into steering wheel. There was a small problem when I was running it before battery went died, the push button was acting up. I would have to push it a couple times before the starter would engage. Another thing is when I put the key in before there was a beeping noise. No beeping noise now. So weird. It's like something isn't connected, but I know I didn't disconnect anything but battery. I really appreciate anything you could add to help me. Stay safe that damn cornavirus!!. God bless you
Dear mikidymac,
Was wondering another question. Once I get this thing running again. Do you have an idea about how much it's worth. It's a 2006 Seadoo RXP. Black and red with 35 hours on it. Been garage keep. With the cover on it. The original fire hydrant is still in it with the bag of tools they come with. I just noticed those yesterday putting the battery in it. Never even opened that compartment before. Back to the question. Maybe not what its worth but what would be lowest I should take for it. I got three kids now and need something bigger. Take care.
I really don't know much about the 4-tec skis, just the older 2-strokes.
I know you can download the service manuals and they have a really good troubleshooting section. Sorry I can't be more help.
Do you have an idea about how much it's worth. It's a 2006 Seadoo RXP. Black and red with 35 hours on it. Maybe not what its worth but what would be lowest I should take for it.

In running condition, the value of that ski in my area is $3570 - $4020

No way to know what it's actually worth since it's not currently running. I'd recommend getting an estimate for the repair and then decide if it's worth fixing/keeping, fixing/selling, or deducting that off the asking price.
Sounds like the 30 amp main relay might be stuck ....... open or closed ?
It’s located in the fuse box and it’s powered from the dess post.
No 30 amp main relay on the 2006, it has an MPEM and ECU.

More likely the DESS post is bad. You should jump the solenoid to make sure it turns over okay.

Cost depends on location and condition but if it's nice it should be worth at least $3k.
Thanks for the advice ill try jumping straight from the solenoid. Do the keys ever go bad? Appreciate the appraisal on price.
Very rarely do keys go bad. DESS posts fail quite a bit.

Pressing the start button several times usually is the solenoid failing, especially if it is the brown one. The newer all plastic black ones are proving to be more reliable and can be bought on ebay for about $10 delivered.
Thank you. That is my goal today. To check that solenoid. And the dess point. I aeen a video on taking those dess point out. Then there qas something about programming new key. Thanks for all your help. Stay safe and God bless you
Cool thank you. You were right about solenoid. The brown was bad. I had 12v going to it but nothing coming out. I jumped the solenoid and the starter engaged. Thanks once again.
So how did you get 12V to the signal wires of the solenoid to test it if you didn't get the system to recognize the key?

Did it turn the motor over at normal speed when you jumped the solenoid? This will prove that your battery is good.
I got power to the solenoid with the key in. I have two keys one is beginner and other says dess on it. Don't know if it has something to do with the super charger. And yes it turned it over in normal speed. There was no beeping noise. So I ordered the black solenoid thru eBay will be here April 11th. I did notice that the wires going to steering wheel all come from fuse box. And the power coming off battery goes straight to the solenoid and then to fuse box and starter.
You got 12v to the signal wires on the solenoid when you put they key on without pressing the start button?

Are you clear how the solenoid works?

Beepers fail all the time so doesn't mean much. Did the gauges come on?
No I don't know how solenoid works. Just thought in cars its the electrical part that gave the starter the means to turn the flywheel so the rest of engine can do its part to start the engine. No gauges came on. Good point. I'll trade the wires to connection and test them with my Volt meter. I let you know if I'm getting power there to gauges. Thanks for advice and I would love to know how the solenoid works if you have time to explain it to me. Knowledge is everything. Thank you
I just tested dess point with key in it and I get continuity from dess point to the connected going back to wire harness. Somewhere 10 oms
As I was testing all connections I decided to put the solenoid back in and test some of the fuses. As soon as I connected the negative line to battery the damn thing beebed. So I went ahead and hit the start button damn thing fired up. So I pushed it outside and hooked up the hoae and let it run for ten minutes. Still don't have any gauges working. It started raining here so pushed back in garage and check all the fuses. Thanks for all the advice. You saved me a lot of money.
10 minutes is too long to run on the hose. 3 minutes is all you should do. It will burn up the carbon seal which is what seals out the water at the driveshaft when in the lake.
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