2006 gtx draining battery

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I have a 2006 gtx. When battery is connected the cluster flashes and the fuel pump comes on with no key attached. No beeps like with key installed. If I attach key I get the beeps and the ski will start and run normally if battery is charged. I tried disconnecting the dess and it still is getting power to ecm. I tried swapping mpem module and same thing. Any ideas what it could be?
I had a 2006 600 Ski Doo snowmobile that was doing the exact same thing, it was the voltage regulator. There are some diodes in it the went bad and was letting the power flow back through it and causing the gauge and fuel pump to come on for about 20 seconds and go off for a few minutes. It would keep doing it until the battery was dead.
Replaced the voltage regulator and its been fine for 3 years.
Try unplugging the voltage regulator and see if it stops.
if it does, plug it back in and see if the gauge starts flashing again.
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