2004 challenger 2000 240 efi wont rev over 3000 rpm

have a friend who has a 2004 challenger 2000 240 efi that wont rev over 3000 rpm and push it past that it stalls out.
all fuel filters have been changed, VST cleaned and checked, fuel pressure has been checked, swapped out the computer, new TPS.
these are all things that 3 other marine mechanics have tried with no positive results. I'm thinking on the lines of possible bad crank trigger.
thoughts ???

boating season is upon us here in mass and its getting busy
Possibly not your fault but I had a broken alternator belt so no charging. Presented same conditions. Are you getting any beeping alarms?
if you have checked compression and air and fuel and oil are getting to the engine and no warning beeps try the electrical the emergency lanyard on my new rebuilt engine was killing by boat last year it would idle but if i try to rev up it would kill it turns out vibrations where shorting out the emergency lanyard and when I disconnected it I never had the problem again so after a while i just got a new lanyard switch My mechanic was scratching his head but dr Honda knew that the emergency lanyard switches are known to go bad. worth a try just unplug the harness