2003 Seadoo GTX DI Pulling out engine

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Hello, So I am pulling out my engine out of my ski and I almost got it out...I was wondering if anyone has any tips to make the removal easier.

If you look at the attachment, I am on step 4.9(Using a 12mm socket, remove
the two rear motor mount bolts. Slide the
engine forward to clear the PTO coupler
and lift the engine out of the hull.) I was wondering if I do that will the engine slide forward. My PTO coupler does not look exactly like the picture, but is very similar. I am hoping that once I remove the two rear motor mount bolts, the engine will slide out just like it says. Does anyone know if thats all you have to do? Any tip? Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Should be no problem

You will not have any problem as long as the drive shaft spline has not rusted into the PTO. The 2003 GTX engine compartment is designed for the 4-tech motor so there is lots of extra room for the much smaller DI motor. You might want to unbolt the single frount motor mount from the hull (don't unbolt the two rear mounts from the hull!!!!!). If you don't unbolt the frount mount you will have to lift the frount of the motor to clear the frount mount before you can slide the motor forward to clear the PTO from the drive shaft. Alternatively remove the jet pump and drive shaft first. It is better to leave all the mounts bolted to the hull as this will make drive shaft allignment much easier when you put the motor back in. Good Luck
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