2003 GTX - 951 engine locked

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Hey guys,

I have a 2003 Sea doo that I just accumulated through family for free.
I was told the craft was sunk and took on water over a year ago. I’m fairly decent with engines so I figured I’d try to fix it.

I tried to turn the engine over last night however it seems locked up.I can hear the starter making a “knock” noise and that’s it. Took the plugs out (there was water on them) , tried to turn it over again and had the same result.

I may just do an engine swap (or rebuild?) if it comes down to it however I’m curious to know what else I can do to try and free this engine up and determine whether or not it’s seized. Any input would be helpful.

i think you may have put this in the boat forum on accident. however, it sounds like the engine is trashed to me.

i would assume the crankshaft is rusty in addition to the pistons being rusted in the cylinders. its only going to cost you time to take it apart and see.

why don't you put a few teaspoons of penetrating oil down the spark plug holes? at this point, it can't hurt anything.
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