2003 GTI LE RFI issue

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Recently bought this Sea Doo, had it out on the lake and it was running strong for a few hours. Parked by the shore, went to start it back up and then nothing. The gauges and the LCD still work, it just wouldn't start.

Anyone have any guesses?
Give us some more info. Does the engine turn over when you try and start it?

Yes, it does turn over. It isn't making any different sounds than it did when it would fire up. I haven't had a two stroke bigger than a weed eater since my old KTM 14 years ago. Could the plug be fouled, or is that not really an issue with Sea Doos?
Okay, had it out on the water yesterday again and my wife got it to start up, but then it died on the water not far from the ramp and we couldn't get it to start again. Had brand new plugs in it too.
Buy a spark checker from auto Zone. $5.00 and put it on there. See if you are gettng consistant fire to the spark plugs. If you are getting fire then you need to verify fuel. Fuel pressure test or a bad injector. More likely I think fuel pump or in tank filters.2003 RX DI Fuel pump module (2).JPEG2003 GTI  fuel Injector.JPEG1999 RFI Fuel Filter (1).jpg
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