2002 utopia 200M not firing on all cylinders

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Hey all,

so my boat has been running very well since the start of the year. Followed all recommendations found on the site, got it up and running well.
But today I got it all ready for a ride with my father in law who hasn’t seen me since Covid and sure enough it died in the water on me.

so once at the dock, I pulled the cowel off and started to begin a diagnosis. I found a fuse in a small bank at the top of the rail with 4 mini fuses One of them was toast. I replaced and it fired up. Problem is that I can tell it’s only running on about 4/6 cylinders. It’s louder, and more gutless and so I checked plugs.
I assume I got water in all sorts of things and started drying it all out but I want to know The following as I might as well replace the spark plugs

questions .

I don’t feel the traditional “sparkplugnut” it feels rounded and not like what I am used to? Am I crazy? Is there a secondary covering that is preventing me from feeling this? Is this a dirt bike size plug or a regular car plug? Need to get the right tool is all.

Sorry for the news question but I can’t get my fat head or hands into the area well enough to see what the heck is going on? Also anyone know what that fuse bank is ?

Thankyou to anyone that may help!
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It's a 13/16" socket.

BUT... if one plug had rust on it... and water was in the engine... you can probably assume that the engine is done.
This is right from the manual....


I will say this... in all my years of playing with 2 stroke engines... NGK plugs take the oil abuse WAY better than champion. Don't know why... but just the way it is. There have been times where literally, I would remove an Autolite or Champion plug... screw in an NGK... and everything was fine. (for running issues)
Agree 100% on NGK when it comes to sleds and dirt bikes. Glad to hear the same with boats! Thank you very much for this Doc. I’ve ordered and will complete the task in two weeks. Wish me luck!

I grew up in SoCal, and had LOTS of years on dirtbikes. My first lesson with that was back in the mid 80's. I was 14... I had a 1980 PE400 Suzuki. My dad would buy me Champion plugs for it, and I would literally get one day on those plugs. Bike would run like a champ, and restart easy. The next morning... if it did restart... it wouldn't the next time I tried. SO... on a 3 day desert trip... I would take 5 plugs, and just change it every morning. It was at the point where my dad would just buy me the entire box with 12 plugs. (back in the day, they were only $0.75)

After a while, I talked with an old-timer, and he said the same thing as I just said. (Don't know why they are better) SO got some NGK's the next time and one plug would last the entire weekend. I'm sure it would have kept going... but with that bike, I was paranoid, so I would put a fresh plug in it getting ready for the next trip.

With that said... it's the same way with Mercury and Rotax seadoo engines. (and yamaha, and polaris, and Fuji, and Kawi... LOL)

Oh... Just an FYI... the plugs in my Islandia are 8 years old now, and it starts within 3 seconds of hitting the key.
You have a 200 Opti?

The empty spot is the ECU/Fuel pump/Injectors/oil pump. Should be a 20a fuse. The fuse above it should be an extra.
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