2002 Seadoo DI GTX runs only with throttle

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Hey Guys I was hoping someone can guide me in solving my DI issue.

Seadoo starts no problem runs for 5 seconds, revs up for 1 second and stalls. If I play with throttle I can keep it running up to rev limiter.

I have done the following already....

Replaced Fuel Pump with good ebay one
Replaced Fuel Filter
Cleaned Raves
Cleaned Reeds
New Spark Plugs
Swapped Fuel injectors
Swapped Ignition coils
Replaced Battery
Replaced Rectifier
Swapped MAP Sensor
Reset TPS
Swapped Rave Solenoid
Cleaned grounds
Compression is 135 psi and equal
I have Candoo Pro but only things showing up were diagnostic cap and wrong pattern sensed on encoder.

The only thing I can think of is swapping air injectors and TPS Sensors with known good one.

Any other ideas? THANKS
You probably have some bent or missing teeth or metal particles interfering with the signal to the trigger. Pull the mag cover and check for damage or debris
The green Rave solenoid I was using had a crack so I used a black one from I believe a carb model. I found another green rave solenoid and the stalling went away. I never knew there was a difference in the black and green rave solenoid. Runs great now. Thanks again
Yeah rave valves are very motor specific it says in the manual they are not interchangeable. you have to get the one for the exact engine and model but nice....Its always nice when its something easy but im sure rather annoying too with that checklist....Seadoo's are fun they said.....
For some reason when I do a searc on Ebay for the Green Rave Solenoid the same part number comes up for the black ones. They are a different configuration. That geen solenoid is no longer manufactured so be very careful with those. That damn platic breaks so easy it is disgusting. You certainly left no stone unturned when getting at the problem. Good Stuff and Glad to hear you are up and running well !!
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