2002 Sea Doo Challenger 2000

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Hello all Sea Doo Challenger 2000 owners, planning to change my boat exterior design for this spring project in preparation for summer. I'm planning to order from Worldclasswraps.com for a lime green design for my boat. I know it is a lot of work to do the nice wraps, I would like to know your feedback if you try it and wants to know if it's worth it the design. Please post some pictures if you have one. I really like their design, I think it will add value to the boat also. Please let me know how difficult to apply it. Thank you so much in advance for your reply.
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Wraps are available in an infinite blend of colors.

Does it make run better, use less gas, last longer? No.

Typical return on improvement cost is 10% to 50% to resale value of boat.
Hey Tim, I got my 2002 Challenger 2000 last 2017 for $2,500 all beat up from sun/rain with cover torn apart. I was able to make it run myself, because here in California nobody touch it... After all my expenses from ECU rebuild to electronic fuel pump VST repairs, new port side temp, proper setting for TPS, change the upholstery new colors, and doing the hull repair myself with new fiberglass from spider cracks underneath from beaching in the lakes, and coloring it myself with tip and brush method with boat paint, it looks great now... and planning to sell it and maybe will get about 5-6 grand from it hopefully and buy a Yamaha jetboat that's reliable and easily repairable with parts available in the market easily. That's why I want a wrap to add some cosmetics look and more better selling capability. Engine is running and in good shape.
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