2002 gtx rfi hose routing??

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I removed my engine and had to replace the water plate on the bottom of the engine. I do not know what hooks up to the 2 brass fittings on the bottom of that not do I know what hose hooks up to the T fitting that is on the back side of the engine block going into both cylinders. And what hose hooks up under that T fitting. Please help!!!!!!
Goes from the bottom of that little round cooler thing to the mag side of the bottom cooler I had to repair this one but the fitting is generally a push on type like the fuel injection. Usually a gray line that is pretty stiff. I've used black hose to make the connection but am very careful not to allow the bend in the hose to restrict flow. Good Luck !!

2003 GTI 787 Engine Install (1).JPEG2003 GTI 787 Engine Install (4).JPEG
I found these diagrams. When I get home I’m going to use this and hopefully get this thing figured out


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Not that I've been doing this a long time but all the RFIs I've done look just like this. :) I have a few outside at the moment. If I can help you further just ask. Good Luck.
That’s not the plate I was originally asking about but you are absolutely right. I am going to have to thread in 2 barbed fittings like you have done to yours. I would prefer not do that but I am unable to find that cap plate with the correct fittings. Thank you for your help. Can you tell me what 2 hoses go to those fittings? I know the short hose goes to it but not sure what other one goes to it.
You can't find that cap? I might have one but I guess they are like gold. LOL The top fitting hose comes from a tee on the exit line on the head that goes to the exhaust pipe. I'll see what I have by way of pictures. I have 3 of these outiside right now.

The picture is of BJ's engine.... one of the skis I restored. :) I name most of them. This was the last letters of the registration. Some of them are vulgqr especially when they don't cooperate fully. Ha Ha

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