2000 GTX RFI after rebuild issues

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Hope someone can help.

Getting my ski back on the water after fixing some annoying post assembly issues. Did the rebuild because my inner seals were TOAST! Had great acceleration and 6800 max rpm...

Anyway after fixing my exhaust hose issues and my loose clamp on my bellows the thing will stay running long enough to come down to the 2 final issues.

Had a hard start before the rebuild in water, still have that, last 200 rpm or so is gone? And bottom end sucks now. Also, ever so slight surging while cruising mid throttle.

I have a beefy rectifier, new injectors, fuel pump filters changed inner and outer, and pressure is in specs. TPS reset with candoo and no codes are set. Raves are spotless.

So questions are if rotary valve is off by 1 tooth or flipped over (180 degrees out) could that cause this? Also, when it is cold I get a bit more acceleration for like the first 5 minutes and maybe 50 more rpm and then when it heats up fully rpm goes back to 6600 max rpm and weak off the acceleration.

Also, if you were chasing a sensor which one/s would you go after?

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.