1999 GSX RFI not charging / can'd find rectifier please help

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I am re posting this question in the 2 stroke forum as I got no replies in the M&G forum and help would be appreciated

I have read most of the public threads on this topic. I have narrowed my problem down to the rectifier or the stator. Crazy as it may sound I cannot find the rectifier, it is not on the electrical box or on the MEP? All the fuses are good ski runs great just won't charge. I down loaded a full manual and it makes reference to the fact that all 947 have the rectifier integrated into the MEP. I don’t know if this was also the case with some 787's. Anyway that is my dilemma if anyone has an ideas please let me know.

Thanks Tinman
In the rear of the ski behind rear electrical box. The tow hook /pee hole actually share bolts with the rectifier.
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