1998 GTI won't start after running idle for 20min

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1998 Sea-Doo GTI
I ran SeaDoo for about 15 minutes somewhat hard, then shut the sea doo off. 5 minutes later I attempted to start the See-Doo and it would not start. I let it rest for 2 hours, and then it started. But once it started I did not run it hard. I ran it at idle for about 20 min then shut it down. It took on a ton of water, so much that I had to manually bail water out of it. But then it wouldn't start again. The next day while out of the water I changed the spark plugs and attempted to start it but it wouldn't start. Any ideas? I even tried to spray some starter fluid into the air filter area but that didn't help. What else can I try? The battery turns over the machine just fine and I have at least half a tank of gas and recently put in more oil.

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