1995 SPX wear ring disintegrated

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going through an older ski that I picked up. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Also, can someone comment on the brass insert that is slightly bent? Is there a replacement or is it even necessary?



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Yes, same thing happened on my HX when I took it for it's maiden voyage. with 25+ years of age and sitting for long periods of time they can become brittle and do exactly what you show in the picture.
Thank you for the reply! How should I go about removing the leftover wear ring because it just chips and crumbles? Also, there seems to be a groove on the outer end but as you see in the picture it is stuck and again very brittle. Any recommendations on a replacement wear ring?

Thank you
Screenshot_20200507-212038_eBay.jpgYou need to take the impeller off, for that you need the spline tool.

Once the impeller is out you can use a sawzall type tool to score the liner then hammer a screwdriver between the pump and the liner at the score mark. They usually crack at that point. Tuck one edge inside the other where the crack is and the liner falls out.

Freeze the new liner before you put it in. A 2x4 piece across the top as a hitting surface and a hammer will put the liner back in, just do it in small hits and it will work it's way in.

It's all friction fit, no glue or anything else.
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