1992 580 engine not starting

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I have a very old '92 GTS with a white 580. Last year, it flipped over and wouldn't restart. After some tinkering, I got it to start: it would run at almost full throttle (it upper RPM's would fluctuate), then slowly it would die down until it just would not restart anymore.
For a long time, I wondered what the problem was. I figured it wasn't getting adequate fuel, so I rebuilt the carb, traced the fuel lines to make sure there were no clogs, cleaned the fuel selector valve, etc. When I finally discovered what the problem was, I had to smack myself in the forehead.

Inside the gas tank on the early sea doo models, there are rubber pick-up lines, to the ends of which are fastened little metal screen filters. These lines are made of the same material as the thin water hoses attached to the head and exhaust pipe. After years of sitting in fuel, this material expands and becomes brittle. My problem was that the lines literally split down the middle, allowing air bubbles to make it into the fuel being drawn. With more testing (and inevitable jostling) the lines got so bad that I wasn't drawing any fuel at all. I replaced the lines and it runs great again.

Lessons for others: If your ski isn't running, make sure you're getting fuel by disconnecting your return line on your carb and cranking the engine. After a while, you should see fuel start to pour out of the return outlet. If you're not sending fuel back, you're not receiving it.

On the newer skis, you don't have this problem as they did away with the rubber pick up lines and instead have a solid plastic assembly that is much more durable. (my 97 spx has it)

hope this helps somebody out there!
Just to tie up this thread, the starting problem was due to the fact that my pick up tubes were completely obliterated after being in my fuel tank for 20 years. I replaced them and wha-la, ski starts and runs like a champ! In later years, seadoo went to a solid plastic pick up tube/baffle combo, eliminating such problems. If you have a '92 or older, this may very well be a problem for you, if not now, then in the near future. Good luck!
Thanks for the info.... I had the exact same problem on my 1992 XP. And of course I looked at all the hard stuff first and then found the simple solution of new pickup lines.
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