08’ GTi 130 won’t go over 3.5k

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Hey guys! Sorry for my first post being about a problem I’m having! I’ve been wanting a jetski for a long time and finally got a 2008 GTI -130 SE this past weekend. Motor runs fine outside of water but does have the maintenance light on. In the water it seems to be hitting a limited at 3.5k rpm and won’t exceed 10 mph! Every once and a while it’ll break free and accelerate very nicely but I am not sure the best plan of action and would love some advice to get this thing running for the summer! Thanks for any advice I am a novice with skis
finally got a 2008 GTI -130 SE this past weekend.

How did it run when you water tested it before you bought it?

JK. You just learned a valuable lesson that everyone recommends. WATER TEST every ski you think of buying!

Change the spark plugs and see if that helps. Otherwise, take it to a qualified mechanic. You could cause more damage experimenting with it.
Lol thank you yes I have learned that. I replace the plugs / coils today. Hoping for better results this weekend. I have read that rectifiers can cause this problem so I intend to check that next. Do to the sudden bursts of acceleration I hope it’s fuel or sensor related and not the engine itself. Thanks for your advice
Change plugs as mentioned above and I'll bet it runs like new.

Maintenance is just the reminder if it goes away after a few seconds. You will need dealer software or the like to clear it.
Maintenance light on but sure enough the coil and spark fixed it like a charm!! Runs great!! I’m thrilled. Thanks for the advice. If there’s any routine maintenance you suggest I do while I’m at it please let me know!
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