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05 Challenger Fuel Pump Ground Issues

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My 2005 always ran great until last season it wouldn’t start after putting in the water. It would turn over, but not fire. Eventually after pulling the lanyard on and off and jiggling wires I could get it to fire. One day it finally left me dead in the water and hasn’t ran since. I dug into it this weekend and found out that as soon as I put the lanyard on it loses the ground from the ECM. I hooked up a temp ground to the fuel pump and it started right up. I checked the pin on the ECM and it has ground until the lanyard is connected. Also after trying to get it started last year the check engine light came on. There are not a lot of dealers in my area that service these so I’m trying to narrow it down myself. Thinking it could maybe be a faulty DESS? I’m sure I’m not the first one that has had this issue so any advice would help.
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