03 gtx 4tec supercharged p0326

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well got this code testing my ski out of the water.
seems like anytime i deliver the rpms above 5,000.

here's the scoop..... rebuilt the entire engine over the winter along with another
4 tec. the other runs great. soooo i have all new pistons w/rings. one piston oversized.
and all new 93 octane gas. fuel filter sock new and cant get rid of this P0326.

i know its the knock sensor, ive switched it with a perfect running 4 tec knock sensor, and still same code. the engine does not miss a beat, sounds great.

so whats causing this engine to pre det, and to add, i tried adjusting the timing three times. very little changes.

anything would help , thanks
The other question is it really detonating / knocking or is the ECU giving you a false code. You may want to ride it with the seat off so you can verify that there are no unusual noises.
I don't know the specifics of what I am about to say but I know SeaDoo had problems with false knock sensor codes and came out with a little jumper harness that has a resister in it to solve the problem. The little jumper goes in between the knock sensor and the wiring harness. You might want to call a dealer and ask about it
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