x4 hull

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    951 build in 95 SPX x4 hull

    Hello everyone, I have been wanting to dive into a x4 951 build but can not get myself to tear up my 96 xp since it runs like a top. I can get a 95 SPX for $350 and a 98 gtx limited for $800. This seems like a really good starting point to dive into the project because I will be able to sell a...
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    Looking for 1996 XP 800 X4 Hull

    I am looking for a 1996 XP 800 X4 hull as well as a Hood, or just the lock assembly of the hood. also looking for the under hood storage container. PM me if you have anything i am looking for .
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    Just picked up an X4!

    Just picked up an X4! 1997 SPX Hey everyone, new guy here to the forum. (I chose to write my intro here in the 2 strokers area because I figured more people here would see it/care/identify with me). So last week I picked up my first Seadoo. A 94 SPX that ran great on the trailer. Well I...
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    ran great then...... bam!!!

    i was out on the lake the other day with my 96 spx , it was running great , ran it for about 4 hrs and had no problem, stop in a cove and when i started it back up to leave it would go then stop. i would floor it and it would run for sec then stop and kinda putter, any way i towed it back in...