winterize question

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    97 GTX - Blown MPEM - How do I winterize it?

    Newbie here...I have a 1997 GTX with a 878 motor. I blew the MPEM late in the Summer and I need to get it winterized. Anybody have thoughts on how to accomplish this? It's getting cold in Michigan and I need to get this done soon! Thanks in advance for any assistance/advice.
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    Do I need to winterize????? with a blown motor

    If the engine is blown on my1999 xp Seadoo do I still need to winterize it or can I just put it in my garage until spring when I plan to get it repaired?
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    Winterize question--Speedster 150 SC

    Hello, I am new to boating and took my Speedster 150 SC to get winterized recently-- I am trusting the dealership did everything correctly. Yesterday i noticed there was a little bit of water in the bilge so I usually tip my boat up from the front end and let water drain out the drian...