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    Stern winch, bow eyelet

    I'm developing an idea to transfer my 2019 GTI SE 130 from trailer to a shop cart/dolly placed to stern which involves a winch mechanism placed somewhere to stern and the winch strap running forward (under the GTI) to the bow eyelet. I'm curious if the force at this angle will be too much for...
  2. B

    Winch replacement, adjust post?

    I replaced the old 1100 lbs trailer winch with a similar sized one but different brand. The new one fits in same holes, but the winch arm is longer. It’s only about 1” longer than the old one, so I used the old one. The new arm is about 1” longer and hits the boat when winding. Doesn’t make...
  3. M

    Need Help Reassembling Winch Crank Assembly for Trailer

    The winch on my 2003 SeaDoo Sportster LE trailer was jammed so I pulled the bolt out where the spring loaded latch blocks the gear on the crank but when I went to reassemble it I couldn't figure out how it all goes back together. Can someone post up close pictures of it assembled correctly or a...
  4. R

    Replacing Winch Strap

    I need to replace the Winch Strap on my trailer. I picked up a nice one from West Marine then I went to put it on my trailer and here is where the problem is. I can't figure out how to get the new strap onto the winch! I took off the bolt in the middle of the winch only to find that it...