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    1997 GTX turning over but not starting

    1997 Sea-Doo GTX turning over but not starting I just got a 1997 GTX with 787 motor. It hasn't been run in a few months. It has a newish duralast battery (I have two skis and both batteries will start the other ski). I replaced the starter and the starter solenoid, and now it will sometimes...
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    Help.....I need to fix or sell this boat (1999 seadoo challenger)!!!!!

    Is anyone interested in buying or assisting me in fixing my 1999 challenger? I have had the carp rebuild ($300), rotory valve repaired ($800), new starter($250) and carps adjusted again ($100). The compression is good, I forget what it was I checked it last fall but I believe they were close...
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    2001 GTX DI - Runs great but will not start again!

    2001 GTX RFI - Runs great but will not start again! We have a 2001 GTX RFI. If the ski sits over night, it will start up and run great! Full power, no odd sputter, no issues. However, if we shut it down, it will not restart. It just sputters, a few back fires, that's it. Let it sit, and it...
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    98 GTS Water in motor

    I have a 98 GTS that I bought last year. It ran fine until it was rolled in the water. Tried to start it back up on the water with no luck. pulled the plugs and turned it over, with water and oil mixture coming out of the spark plug holes. So I started tearing in to the motor a bit further, and...