weak spark

  1. R

    1996 Xp 800 stop when hitting a wave or randomly stops.

    Hey, i got a Seadoo XP 800 that randomly stops or/and stops when i hit a wave. there is also weak spark. its also starts right up on land but in water its pretty hard to get it started.
  2. D

    No start and weak spark after carb rebuild 96 xp

    So my 96 was giving me issues last season of bogging on throttle up once warmed up. So this year I decided to rebuild the carbs, grey hoses replaced last year. Once I did this and reinstalled, the ski fired right up and all appeared good. Battery was weak so I put it on a charge for the...
  3. KyleB

    1996 xp weak spark

    Ok guys I have a problem. I searched the forum for weak spark but really didn't much info. I see where many have mentioned they have no spark but a weak spark is what I have. The 96 xp ran great for the day but as my son was starting to load it on the trailer it quit and would not start again...