water in cylinders


    Question about Water in cylinders

    I just thought about what happened while bringing my 01 GTX RFI out of winter storage. I had 2 stroke oil all in both cylinders. So I pulled the plugs and spent better part of a day turning it over and purging the cylinders of oil, and cleaning up the miss. I don't remember the exact sequence...
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    98 XP 947 getting water in cylinders while not running.

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this forum, I have been looking for answers for a week and still havent found anything to solve my problem, maybe someone hear can help. I have a 98 Seadoo XP LTD with the 947 model engine. I just bought it from my Bro a few weeks ago, he was the second...
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    95 Seadoo XP water getting in engine and engine compartment

    Hello all, I have another question on a 95 XP that I just bought. I purchased the unit, took it home put a new battery in it after it not being started for over a year by the previous owner. I then hooked to water hose and it started right up ran it for about 10 minutes with no problems noticed...